1. She looks great for a 40 year old mother. what? she’s 27?

    How do you spell that sad trombone sound?

  2. Cock Dr

    No matter what photo I see of this woman she always looks as weathered as a piece of driftwood.

  3. jorge

    IT’S A MAN BABY!!!

  4. How demure .. for a WHORE!

  5. Rick

    I never understood how anyone could consider her “sexy”, even before she had her nasty cooch invaded by Hef’s wrinkly viagra-inflated boner. *EW*.

  6. From the neck down she is pretty damn cute. Unfortunately she sports Tupperware titties, so we can disregard those. But that leaves her with a nice ass and legs. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, right? Right? Hello…???

  7. Gin&tonic

    I remember one time on the girls next door when she was going around boasting she can tan all she wants to and doesn’t have to worry about it ’cause she’s 19. yeah, should have put on some sunblock, too late for her leathery hide now

  8. She looks like an old Barbie doll that got wedged in a heater vent.

  9. Mike701

    Of course my fear of heights is real. If I go too high these babies will pop like soap bubbles.

  10. WTF

    She looks like she has terminal PMS.

  11. Marco Polo

    Let this be a lesson to young girls/women to use sunscreen and stay out of tanning beds. This chick has so much sun damage, she looks twice her age.

  12. She’s about as attractive as a dogs butthole.

  13. I always knew she was dead on the inside. At least the outside matches now.

  14. Damn. She looks like a drowned corpse.

  15. This Kendra distracts you with its eerie, hollow-eyed death glare while a second Kendra rushes from the side to disembowel you with its toe-claws.

  16. Ian Ziering

    10-to-1 this apple still has the stem attached.

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