1. Excuse me miss…

  2. And Friday final pic DELIVERS!!!

  3. Damn, I miss Hostess cupcakes!

  4. Nick4ca

    Now I know I see side nipple!

  5. Cock Dr

    Rah rah…Photo Boy drops the nipple shot in at the last moment.
    This gal needs a different hairstyle. With the unrelenting black dress that is just too damned severe.

    • father dougal

      Severe, yes. But the lack of a bra and exposed nipple give it a whimsical “come hither” to counter the severity. That, plus tits!

  6. sc4play


  7. “Houston, this is Apollo MMXIII…we have nipple. Repeat, we have nipple. All is A-OK!”

  8. The payoff was worth it.

  9. There has to be a reason Photo Boy included so many shots of Rebecca Hall in today’s Crap, but I just can’t put my finger on tit.

  10. cc

    How is that for easy access?

  11. tom

    Finally it’s been a long time since the last five were worth it!

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