1. har har har

    Yes, Tameeka. He DOES Exist.

  2. Maybe shouldn’t have taken such a hard line on salary with those Iron Man producers.

  3. So he has one white hand and one black hand, that’s peculiar.

  4. I see they’re filming his “E true Hollywood story” live as it happens…

  5. This is what happens when Mrs. Claus forgets to use a baby wipe.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    To think Cuba Gooding Jr. was pissed when they wouldn’t even let him audition for this role.

  7. “…and when Santa looks in your bathroom and there’s no baby wipes, Santa knows you’re not clean. You go on Santa’s ‘not a clean bitch’ list…naughty and nice is White Santa shit”

  8. ThisWillHurt

    Mrs. Claus must have tig ol’ bitties.

  9. I thought it was a Dave Chapelle Chrismas special.

  10. “Fuck you! I was in Iron man…IRON MAN!
    *breaks down and cries*

  11. Things get really awkward when Jon Favreau takes his kids to the mall to see Santa.

  12. cc

    It’s tough being Santa Pimp these days.

  13. Kwanza Klaus is on his way….hide your silverware!

  14. And then Terrence remembered he was supposed to be on set two hours ago…

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