1. Hey Billy Ray! Buy a shirt that fits, retard!

  2. Mandi

    His B cups are trying to make a break for it……. and that’s the least uncomfortable thing about this picture.

  3. Storm

    A soul patch and button busting man boobs? I guess instead of a simple farmer Zack Snyder is re-imagining Pa Kent as a middle aged yuppie douche bag.

  4. Cock Dr


  5. Try to say “Waterworld” without laughing. I dare you.

  6. Doc Scweinstrudel

    This lower beard looks like an extra raw of teeth, I wonder if it serves some special purpose …

  7. Bucky Barnes

    Wolf #1: “When this dance is over I say we eat him…”
    Wolf #2: “Dibs on the man-boobs!”
    Wolf #1: “Damn!”

  8. slappy magoo

    Kevin Costner IS James Woods IN The Billy Bob Thornton Story.

  9. He has a guitar case full of baseball equipment, just in case a film-shoot breaks out.

  10. if you button it, it will….pop…peekyyoowww…..”Ow my eye!”

  11. Wow! Apolo Ohno in 20 years!

  12. Michelle

    Reminds me of every 40 woman I know trying to fit into the 3 sizes too small levis grasping at the last shred of youth

  13. Charmless Man

    He has firmly transitioned into the aged version of your cool uncle who’s been hanging on to that image a little too long.

  14. dontlooknow

    He has that “douchebag” look…

  15. Why don’t middle school girls don’t post their “I’d still hit it” fantasies like the boys do when there’s a picture of anything with two x chromosomes.

  16. TomFrank

    “Then an accidental overdose of gamma-radiation alters his body chemistry, and now when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs…”

  17. Charlton Heston got fat after he died.

  18. It was the best of time, the rough of time

    The following joke is above KC and beneath me.

    Dancing with calories?

  19. wrynoceros

    it’s James Woods/Billy Bob Thornton/[insert middle aged average douchebag actor here]

  20. SuperT

    He really needs a bra with more support.

  21. amIevil

    Way back in Waterworld he was going bald.
    Someone got hair implants from Brad Pitt.

  22. ri

    Stay out of the slim fit section Kev

  23. shannon

    Quick, where’s Jessica Simpson’s dad? Looks like he needs help covering those suckers up, too!

  24. Deryn

    Just don’t make him shave his soul patch. You wouldn’t like him when he has to shave his soul patch.

  25. Buttercup

    He resuscitates every womans fears about aging–that they won’t have a friend to make sure that their whiskers are plucked and not grossing people out.

  26. lili

    It sure says something about this world, that Kevin Kostner’s boobs are bigger than the average Victoria’s Secrets Angel. Not sure ‘what’, but it does tell something.

  27. What do you like better: The Bro or the Manzere? Either way, he could use one.

  28. whiskeyafternoon

    despite ample evidence to the contrary, it has somehow remained a legend that growing a soul patch will, indeed, confer upon you “soul”. incorrect!

  29. HONESTLY, how does his wife let him out of the house looking like this ??

    He DOES have douche bag written all over him.

    Hmmm……now I understand why his wife lets him out looking like this.

  30. dick swells

    Bruce Springsteen doesn’t look so well

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