1. “If you do it inverted like this see…it feels like someone else is wanking it…..”

  2. As usual, Russell Brand answers questions by talking out his ass.

  3. “My queef? It sounds like this.”

  4. “I want to talk to whoever makes the decisions around here!”

  5. Gavagai

    “Don’t worry… it told me who to marry, so it should be able to field your questions.”

  6. Pico Mornay

    The only think I can think is that this piece of shit is banging my Katy!!!

  7. Ksurfiws

    Look at him. He’s already dead inside. and for what? oh right. TITTIES!

  8. KC

    He’s not really ugly, he just wore a weird shirt.

    • Beatnik

      I’m not sure if you even meant that as a joke, but that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day! I think I should make that my Facebook status: “I’m not really ugly, I just wore a weird shirt.” LOVE IT!!

  9. ugh...

    Let me show you with the microphone what happens to my penis every time Katie starts talking about God:

  10. dontlooknow

    subliminal message…?

  11. TomFrank

    “This is about how far it’s gone up inside myself since I married Katy.”

  12. OhMy

    why are there so many layers of lumpiness on his face?

  13. “I wet ‘em.”

  14. I think he has microphone envy.

  15. Simole

    The interview we’ve all been waiting for. Russell Brand’s penis finally reveals what it’s like to be inside Katy Perry. It said there isn’t a word yet invented to describe how good it is.

  16. Hausdrache

    Maybe it’s the only way he can get Katy’s mouth close to his crotch?

  17. How else will the audience laugh at your farts?

  18. m3essential

    this guy’s face is seriously disturbing

  19. Buttercup

    Can’t afford more fabric for a shirt?

  20. Samantha

    15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance

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