1. Mr Clinton, what are your plans for that cigar?

  2. slappy magoo

    Dave Matthews is looking pretty bad.

  3. Why do I feel like he’s trying to seduce me with his eyes? I’m not buying what you’re selling Mr. Belushi..

  4. Man, Jeremy Renner let himself GO!

  5. K Soze

    Wow, he’s come a long way since Under Siege and Above the Law..

  6. Charmless Man

    Pa Cox said it best. The wrong son died!

  7. The candle that burns half as long burns twice as bright.

  8. “So what? Fifteen years ago, you would’ve cared.”

  9. ^^worst attempt at humor ever. all 8 of the dipshits above…

  10. friendlyfires

    It’s a cigar … and not a big, brown, dick … so blow me!

  11. lili

    Honestly, I’d do him.

  12. My name is Bond,, James Bond.

  13. mordantmouth

    2 pics of Jim in ONE MONTH!?! Who’s this shroud riding muthafucka blowin’?

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