1. Apparently that premiere was a hair-raising experience.

  2. That is the most intense happy face I think I’ve ever seen.

  3. The Pope of Cleveland

    What happened to Kenny Rogers’ hair?

  4. HCK

    All I think of when I see this guy is that he went from being on tv show about a bar to every Pixar movie made…

  5. Gotta love the Claven!

  6. Ain’t got nuttin bad to say.. the man is a boss

  7. cc

    Going postal?

  8. Mark R

    Thanks for all the laughs, Cliff!

  9. Mooty

    “insert: celebrity this sort of looks like” has really let himself go!

    Do I get on most important people now?

  10. Charmless Man

    He has the same crazed look and crazed political leanings as Jon Voit.

  11. When Kiefer Sutherland’s drunk he hugs Cliff and calls him daddy.

  12. Do Crest White Strips come in horse size?

  13. Buttercup

    “Died Yesterday.”

  14. friendlyfires

    Thank God for Pixar, or I’d be living off tuna fish cans and the kindness of Republicans.

  15. lili

    What is Billy Joel so upset about?

  16. fake fonk

    it’s comforting to know that once you get old you can just buy new white teeth.

  17. turd ferguson

    Cliff Clavin? What the hell?

  18. DrunkRussian

    Cliff Clavin: my hero.

    Of course Norm the word hero (heroine for females) (Ancient Greek: ἥρως, hḗrōs), in Greek mythology and folklore, was originally a demigod, their cult being one of the most distinctive features of, eh, ancient Greek religion!

    Cut to Kelsey Grammar rolling his eyes.

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