1. SuperT

    It is a rare moment when a waddle is captured in a photo.

  2. James Spader wins

    He’s so fat, when he takes a bath he leaves a ring around himself

  3. Pope

    Instead of “The Crap We Missed” it should have been titled “The Should Have Been Aborted 16″ or “Wouldn’t Have Missed At All”

  4. amIevil

    Just big boned, it’s not fat.

    Yeah big bones covered in big meat and big gravy.

  5. HumpinFrog

    Louie’s back!

  6. Let’s just start the countdown to the Hoveround already.

  7. toolazytothinkofaname

    Did he rob the bank and hide the money under his skin???? It looks WAY too lumpy to just be fat.

  8. ebaby

    “I still don’t understand why they won’t let me withdraw cookies…” :(

  9. Buttercup

    Good luck getting a paternity suit there. Even the judge would have to agree that seeing a woman naked would not be a realistic scenario for K-Fat.

  10. Michelle...

    Violet Beauregarde?

  11. friendlyfires

    NOW we know where all Britney’s liposuctioned fat went ….!

  12. friendlyfires

    Somebody wants to be on Celebrity Biggest Loser in the worst way .

  13. Lady Kumquat

    Notice the tiny hands and penguin waddle, just sayin!

  14. vitobonespur

    And to think he got to boink (etc.) Britney Spears…

  15. If he gets any wider his shoulders are going to dislocate.

  16. tito

    “sir, i really don’t think we’re allowed to let you house a bear claw a safe deposit box”

  17. Kimarie

    Was he a backup dancer in Weird Al’s “Fat” video?

  18. It was a food bank, wasn’t it?

  19. jenn

    LMAO. all i have to say.

  20. whiskeyafternoon

    every time he fucks a Krispy Kreme doughnut, he feels a little closer to heaven

  21. desx

    I heard he was gonna have another kid, but this isn’t what I was expecting

  22. mordantmouth

    thought it was an Elvis sighting til I read the caption.

  23. Jill Ess

    hahahahaha! Two pages!! its does not get better than this one!

  24. America hates rough too

    Hehe Doesn’t he just demean the words “fat cat”?

  25. Nik

    So he’s the one pregnant and not his girlfriend?

  26. turd ferguson

    God Damn, did he eat some of that Willie Wonka gum that turns you into a giant blueberry?

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