1. mel

    It looks like you could push him and he’d roll around like a weeble.

  2. Chris

    His appendages are being absorbed by his middle.

  3. I smell an Izod endorsement on the way…. and bacon.

  4. wtf?

    didn’t he used to be a dancer?

  5. Only one thing comes to mind. Ghostbusters.

  6. Abigail

    I thought he knocked his girlfriend up, turns out she knocked him up.

  7. Snow J. Frost

    Socks and sandals?
    Is Britney money enough to retire already?

  8. “No sir, we will not give you a loan for 1,000,000 Big Macs.”

  9. Taftytafttaft

    Either he’s wearing Batman’s utility belt under that shirt or he’s prepping for the live action video of the Michelin Man.

  10. They must have a restroom if he was making a deposit.

  11. Drew

    Since when does the Kool Aid man used doors?

  12. EverythingILike

    Bring me Solo and the wookie!

  13. Deacon Jones

    (was this the conversation in the bank?)

    “A million spacebucks!? That’s unfair.”

    “Unfair to the payer but not to the payee. But you’re gonna pay it, or else!”

  14. Kevin Federline makes a quick getaway after holding up the bank…

  15. Ah, thank you for this. K-Fed always makes me feel better about my life.

  16. Karen

    HOLY CRAP, where are his kids? Did he eat them?

  17. Covering Utah and Colorado for Hands Across America 2011….

  18. Pischina

    Look Kevin, there’s an easier way to withdraw your cash than by eating the ATM machine.

  19. WTF? Oh my god, I’m a Yankee fan too!

  20. Jacqueline Hyde

    The sperm bank?

  21. The humpty dance is your chance to do the funk…
    doooo me baby!
    do the humpty hump…

  22. cc

    Could the Air Jordan logos on this sandals be any more ironic?

    That fatso couldn’t get enough airtime to leap over a heap of dog poo.

  23. humpinfrog

    I’m guessing the K in K-fed stands for konstantly?

  24. Ponkur

    When’s it due?

  25. K Soze

    I’m guessing third trimester… ‘he’s gonna be a socca playa’

  26. Mark R


  27. KC

    Trivia: K-Fed hasn’t taken a shit in 6 years.

  28. KC

    He finally knocked himself up.

  29. Matty

    I dare you to look at this picture and not immediately have the A&W theme song stuck in your head.

  30. That’s the worst misleading shirt placement I’ve ever seen.

  31. ugh...

    Fucking waste of my oxygen. MY OXYGEN!

  32. Bethie

    Winnie the Pooh isn’t fooling anyone in that disguise.

  33. Kevin Federline leaving a FOOD bank in Los Angeles.

  34. Michelle

    Horizontal stripes….good look….really slimming

  35. I’m not saying that Kevin’s reverted to eating his kids to get out of child support, but someone should probably do a head count at Shar Jackson’s house…

  36. Mark R

    BTW, is he still dancing professionally?

  37. Charmless Man

    This season on Celebrity Fit Club…
    “*wheeeeze* I’m a dancer *wheeeeeze*”

  38. cc

    He’s definitely reached the threshold that all portly men fear….the ‘ICANTSEEMYDICK’ threshold.

  39. sharpie311

    I thought it was his 3rd baby mama that was pregnant…

  40. Kevin Federline is so fat, that when he sits around the house, he sits AROUND the house…

  41. Kevin Federline’s so fat, the only time he sees 90210 is on the scale.

  42. Kevin Federline’s so fat, when I tell him to haul ass, he’s gotta make two trips.

  43. Cpc23

    Krang disguised himself as K-Fed until the Shredder and Foot Soldier Army completed construction on the Technodrome.

  44. Kevin Federline’s so fat, he went to the movies and sat next to everyone.

  45. Kevin Federline’s so fat, he sweats butter and syrup and has a full time job at Denny’s wiping pancakes across his forehead.

  46. Whoomp there it is

    Kevin Federline is so fat he doesn’t need any marshmallows to play the game “Fluffy Bunny”

  47. Arzach

    Did he ate the bank?

  48. ctrl tab

    You know you’re fat when no shoe size exists to swaddle your feet.

  49. Beatnik

    Oh my lord he’s actually too fat for shoes now.

  50. Jester

    Kevin Federline’s so fat, he has to wear sandals cause otherwise he’d be makin gravy in his boots. HORF!!!

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