1. Deacon Jones

    Two words looking at that outfit….

    Stimulating conversation

  2. 90210 is probably the greatest show ever made. Probably? No, definitely. No lying here. Love it, absolutely bonkers. I swear. Storylines and stuff.

  3. sick

    The top is okay, but the bottom looks like Grandma’s dirty nightie.

  4. Satan's bitch

    I think she forgot a layer…

  5. Flubbgermatic


  6. It was the best of time, the rough of time

    Uh oh! Looks like i got my hottest pick for a 3 hours span…

  7. K Soze

    I like..

    In the infamous words of the philosopher Borat Sagdiyev- its very nice, how much?

  8. cc

    Not enough lift and too much separation.

  9. K Soze

    Ok , sure, Janice Dickinson

  10. In Oregon and Washington, that look is called mobile home patina. A little moss under her ears would complete the ensemble.

  11. ugh...

    Don’t know who she is.
    Don’t know what she does.
    Don’t care how pointy her elbows are.

    I. Would. Wreck. That.

  12. That outfit makes it look like her tits point east and west.

  13. Anybody need a new Megan Fox around here? No? That’s okay, I’ll check back later.

    Okay, it won’t technically be me but you won’t be able to tell the difference.

  14. Vern

    Finally someone found a way to recycle Kirstie Allie’s black pantyhose.

  15. lori

    Ugly and tacky.

  16. Looks like the old fishin’ net brought up a common pale backed skank…throw it back.

  17. James Spader wins

    Is it just me or could she pass as Heidi Fliess’ younger and sober sister?

  18. The live-action remake of the Nightmare Before Christmas is going to be the tits.

  19. She got her boobs at the same place as Audrina Patridge.

  20. whiskeyafternoon

    she is dressed like a very slutty table. gothic doily whore, I think, is the look.

  21. and again

    “midget” is not the correct term. My god, I will fight this until the end.


    the show of 90210 must be best show, but I don’t think anyone might thought about that.

  23. I have socks that look like this. I don’t know what to think now.

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