1. “Need any bottles opened?”

  2. so finally Jessica and Roger Rabbit had a girl.

  3. Black.And.White.Minstrel

    Anyone else get x squared for the answer to the dress?

  4. Rose, dear. You have great tits. USE THEM! FLAUNT THEM!

    Pretty good pic, BTW.

  5. “Did you get a load of Shannen Doherty earlier this week? Huh? Which Charmed One has the fucked-up face now?”

  6. Bob

    I wish these companies would make a little more effort to get their sex dolls to look like a real person.

  7. Grand Poobah

    dress pattern makes it look like she is wearing nipple shields!

  8. The Brown Streak

    No, it’s beggin strips!

  9. Napoupi

    50% Octomom, 50% Tim Curry.

  10. yep

    looking more like michael with every surgery

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