1. “No, no! I said ‘Hey is that guy BIGGER or what?’”

  2. “Now you got to tell me, does Wilfred really talk, or is it all hallucination?”

  3. Hank E. Ring

    No Mr. Wood, I don’t want any trouble with you…

  4. BC

    On this adventure, I’d bet against the hobbit,

  5. “Excuse me, but I have an Epi pen right here in my purse if you need some help with that bee sting swelling.”

  6. Frodo vs. Black Hulk.

  7. In the news: Gorilla escapes the Los Angeles County zoo.

  8. SuperDave

    I smell a sitcom!

  9. “please don’t steal my purse”

  10. Cock Dr

    It’s hard to believe they’re from the same species, let alone the same gender.

  11. Johnny P!

    “Ooh! A chocolate Orc! Niiiiice”

  12. Frodo looks alarmingly calm for his first beach troll encounter…

  13. “I don’t think you understand how this whole ‘come at me bro’ thing works…”

  14. cc

    Look. Elijah, I am not saying you can look like this in a year…but if you work out for a decade or so.

  15. The Pope

    And here we have Elijah Wood…shitting his pants!

  16. Savalas

    Gimme that ring and that Phial of Galadriel you got, motherfucker!

  17. Sheppy

    Dude’s shoulder is bigger then Elijah’s head!

  18. EricLr

    By putting on his magic 80′s shirt, Elijah Wood calls forth the MIGHTY MR. T !!!!!

  19. One of the new slot machines. Put a quarter into his mouth and pull down on his arm…maybe you’ll hit the jackpot and he won’t kill you.

  20. “See, if it was ME? I woulda just throwd yo ass to Mordor.”

  21. Raoul

    “No! No way does the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle apply here. Just because the contemporary standard model of particle physics *predicts* the existence of a Higgs Boson doesn’t necessarily make it so. Jesus, Elijah. EVERY time with you.”

  22. bethy

    Quickly turn around and walk back toward your correct pole of the earth…

  23. Frank Burns

    Elijah, after he finishes explaining his theory about how Tolkien stole the LOTR books from him, just nod your head in agreement and slowly back away.

  24. Uh oh! Looks like Elijah’s about to need a glass eye to find his missing teeth.

  25. Grand Poobah

    Dude, my finger is bigger than your dick, so just go f*&) off and drink your kool-aide like a good little boy

  26. El Jefe

    Elijah, those stories they told you that if you stand up to the bully he will either back off or you have a chance of kicking his ass, well…it’s not true. Run.

  27. “You see this arm, white boy? With this arm right here, FRODO, I will turn you into my own personal hand puppet!”

  28. Bigalkie

    Listen Boy, don’t make me take off these sunglasses!

  29. Ibfapping

    “Huh, your nails are lovely!”

  30. DublinGulch

    Two guys…..with not a gawddang thing in common

  31. dooood

    looks like tosh is about to get lucky.

    High Fashion : \

  32. Swearin

    “Why the hell were there no brothas in Middle Earth?!”

  33. KC

    Lt. Dan looks the same, but Bubba looks a bit meatier.

  34. “I still can’t believe those mothafuckers cut out Bombadil!”

  35. vandinz


  36. phoenix

    Is that Brian Pumper?!

  37. This Face/Off remake is going to be amazing.

  38. pretty blind

    for his sake i hope that shirt is just part of a movie scene hes shooting here.

  39. “Yo Frodo!, what did the five fingers say to the face?”

  40. Crissy

    Did Elijah ALWAYS look this gay? Oh, wait… Is he gay? cause if he is I dont want to insult anyone!

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