1. That drumstick looks kind of iffy, but at least she’s not getting choked out.

  2. Boy, and you thought the front row at a Gallagher concert got sprayed.

  3. Another freebie offer.

  4. “Ah oh, that you? Who said that? Baby how you been…”

  5. slippinx12

    False advertising, her band name is only half true

  6. Black.And.White.Minstrel

    Funny, people who’ve met her vagina say it’s quite private

  7. Tay, what’s up with all the clothes? We can’t see any of your goodies if you’re out and about in those duds…”

  8. Sheppy

    Nice legs though :)

  9. Way to get Philly off of cheesesteaks there, Momsen.

  10. Get your own schtick… T-Bone Walker, Chuck Berry and Angus Young all do the duck walk way better.

  11. HAHA! You missed me bitch!

  12. Grand Poobah

    She needs to things:

    1) to tighten it up
    2) a plug

  13. Pat

    I for some reason zoomed in. DON’T DO THIS!

  14. A Lanister would never tap that.

  15. anonym

    still performing the same old shit eh?

  16. The Brown Streak

    In the land of Oz, many munchkins have to walk around holding up their pants just so people like us can have fancy boots. This is why we at the People of Ethnical Treatment of Munchkins encourage you to send us your donation $1/day to help stop the needless beltings of Munchkins. Won’t you make a difference?

  17. Grand Poobah

    she at least could have had the decency to put tights on and save us from some of this.

  18. Mick

    Damn, that little bitch has got THIGHS on her that could crush Seamus!

  19. Stiff Shots

    This is why the reboot of Baz Luhrmann’s MOULIN ROUGE! never got off the ground…

  20. spartacus

    She’s edgy, right?

  21. mbcl

    “these boots were made for goosestepping”

  22. When Brett Michaels had that set drop on him it REALLY effed up his face!

  23. King Diamond

    Wearing a Cannibal Corpse shirt? Really? She would crawl into the fetal position if one of their songs came on.

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