1. Is she broke or something? Why is she in public and trying to be relevant again? Can we pay her to go away?

  2. nick

    Her vaginal grip can crush a car.

    Fuck it.

  3. I wonder what grit she uses on her face? That sure is smooth.

  4. Must be related to Mickey Rooney. I see the resemblance.

  5. Johnny P!

    Smart lady! She’s hiding her arms and hands!
    Madge finally realized that no one wants to buy a fragrance that’s make them smell like a wizened crone with lacquered talons.

  6. Finally our pleads have been heeded… Arms and penis are tucked…

  7. Black.And.White.Minstrel

    Even she doesn’t want to be seen holding MDNA

  8. Cock Dr

    Her face is becoming more and more frozen & mask-like.
    Thank U for hiding the hands; they are scary.

  9. celebutard

    At her age, not wearing pants is more of an oversight than a fashion statement.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    What is the best way to clean vomit off the keyboard?

  11. cc

    Those have been some busy legs over the years.

  12. jd

    … because who doesn’t want to smell like Madonna? Except, you know… everybody.

  13. dinosaurland

    That’s not a lace skirt, those are just the bats that flew from her vagina and got caught in the fabric.

  14. Grand Poobah

    Shouldn’t there be a lesbian hiding down under her dress in this picture?

  15. El Jefe

    Thank God for that piece of fabric right over the crotch.

  16. Perplexity

    Dress as see-thru as her soul.

  17. She actually doesn’t look bad when you can’t see her old hands…

  18. Aaaaaaaand then I hit “View Full Size”…. no me gusta

  19. dooood

    is it too late to have that madonna vs courtney steel cage match?

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