1. This is like a really fucked up mashup of Peggy Bundy, Meatloaf, and that chick from that band who sang “I touch myself.”

  2. Hank E. Ring

    Wynonna lost some weight.

  3. I think we all have learned a lesson these past few months; Don’t go to Chateau Marmont. You come out looking like this.

  4. Paz de la Huerta as an even more messed up looking sister…

  5. Johnny P!

    Pap: “Over here miss Lewis! Can I have a pic?”
    Juliette: “KAA-KAA-KAA-HAAA-Kyah-Kyah-Kyah!”
    Pap: “…..??”

  6. Black.And.White.Minstrel

    Nothing rhymes with orange…or monster

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Oh god. An H.R. PufnStuf reference before I’ve had my morning coffee. *whimper*

      Honestly, that song plays in my head a lot more often than I would like.
      Dude! You must be old like me!

  7. slippinx12

    Carrot Top could use some counseling

  8. “OMG IT”S BONNIE RAITT!” – gay guy across the street

  9. EricLr

    Is…is her hair on *fire*?

  10. stacy

    OMG!! Kill it, kill it quick before it reproduces!!

  11. Here we see Juliette Lewis doing her Rosie O’Donnell impersonation…

  12. fartbucket

    Fran Drescher is having a midlife crisis.

  13. Contusion

    “Ozzy! Over here Ozzy! It’s me, Sharon!”

  14. Grand Poobah

    Insert finger, here….

  15. El Jefe

    Another one I used to think was cute down the drain. Sigh.

  16. A warning to patrons of Chateau Marmont… if you don’t like the way Amanda Bynes drives, stay off the sidewa… oh, never mind.

  17. Perplexity

    Laughin – farting – condescending. All the same look.

  18. sc4play

    Kathy Griffin looks taller in this shot

  19. dooood

    you need to start having accompanying sound effects with these shots

  20. Napoupi

    “Don’t tell you’ve never heard of the maaarvelous MADAM MIM !”

  21. CK

    Back it up back it up,my daddy taught me good

  22. “Yeah…It’s made of REAL muppet hair!” “Crazy right?”

  23. Scully

    I bet Brad Pitt is really regretting letting her go right about now.

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