1. Hank E. Ring

    So Dianna, one more time, how did you get the job? Oh, yes, I get it.

  2. She still has fun drawing pubes on her own crotch.

  3. Sheppy


  4. brit

    [guy behind her] Yeah, I can see now. Obviously ‘shopped.

  5. cc

    She’s wearing that skirt in homage to Jessica Simpson.

  6. What the fuck is she doing, giving yodeling lessons?

  7. jd

    If a picture ever cried out for a cock to be photoshopped into it, it is this one.

  8. Grand Poobah

    I really think she wants to go down on herself!

  9. CK

    that’s a fine-point Sharpie in your hand, honey, not a black microphone.

  10. JJ

    Woah, we’re gonna need a second black microphone.

  11. Napoupi

    Someone tell her that guy only has $9 and a wendy’s coupon in his wallet, so it’s really not worth opening her mouth already.

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