1. GenYgirl

    She looks okay if you can’t really see any of her.

  2. “Goddamnit, give me that rolled up newspaper. She just peed on the carpet.”

  3. Soap can work miracles.

  4. Cock Dr

    Torso coverage and lots of hair all over the face really help.

  5. TP Bandit

    Was Jimmy Kimmel still a-live after he met her?

  6. didnt know Kesha was white…..this explains alot

  7. ScotlandThe Brave

    Ricky Gervais has put on weight and become a security guard?

  8. I have seen her nude video, there is no coming back from that, like The Ring.

  9. Brit

    That’s the best she’s looked for a long while.
    Wait…that’s not her in the black suit to the left?

  10. cc

    Ah, she doesn’t look terrible. Looking down is the secret.

  11. “Mr. Kimmel said to kick you out of this door…”

  12. WTF she’s gone off pants again? Crap.

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