1. Oh frickety frack, not this again.

  2. So I’m going to start assuming that you have some sort of deal with a Miami photographer, and that whenever we see Jennifer Nicole Lee here, it’s because he couldn’t find anyone better at the beach that day.

  3. Jennifer Nicole Lee

    This site brought to you by Jennifer Nicole Lee

  4. Perfect way to end my week.

  5. A. Disturbance

    “Yeah, I don’t why I’m here, either! HAHAHAHA *snort*”

  6. mark r

    1. What the f**k is up with your obsession with this bitch that I only ever see or read of on your site.

    2. In looking her up, I read she kids. Jennifer, I have to believe that you read this, it being the only site that acknowledges your existence. Take a minute to introduce yourself to the poor bastards sometime.

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