1. Never occurred to me that “tall” could ever be a way to describe a woman’s ass.

  2. Considering the cut of her britches, it’s pretty difficult to make a value judgment on the quality of her ass. I have, however, noticed in the past that she has very cute titties with nice nips.

  3. TP Bandit

    Suddenly I feel like chinese for lunch because all I see is two chopsticks.

  4. Now that’s what I call a Port of entry.

  5. Hmmmm… seems like she forgot both her shoes and her ass in the store.

  6. If she was a soccer mom I would really be into her ass. But she’s not.

  7. Joe Blow

    “Aye, and she’s a cheeky lass, matey!”

  8. That’s a nice ass.

  9. whitney what who now?

  10. LLBL

    I fuckin’ love this bitch.

  11. Watch it now! That ass might escape!

  12. HackSaw

    Its like she is standing on her toes

  13. Skippy86

    High shorts or low ass, cant decide.

  14. Not sure what to call this confusing combination of Mom Jeans and Daisy Dukes…..

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