1. How does he keep the pussy away?

  2. Waka waka!

    So scooters and helmets are cool now, but shoelaces are not?

  3. Steppenwolf has just recorded a new road anthem specifically for this guy and others of his ilk. It’s called “Born to be Mild.”

  4. TP Bandit

    Somewhere Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper are laughing their asses off.

  5. Behold, our next Captain America which is somehow 10% less derby.

  6. The personification of the pussyfication of society today.

  7. Hey shithead… nice bike! Why don’t you go home and play with some puppets or something! LOL!! What? He’s ACTUALLY going home to play with some puppets? Well… that was weird.

  8. Spaceballs TIE fighter.

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