1. No no

    Definitely not Manatee Gray.

  2. “Well hell, lady. I was going to the store for a pack of smokes, but I’ll take you to Seattle if you want.”

  3. elephantman


  4. would like to help her gain about 8 1/2 inches

  5. TP Bandit

    Oh, thank God! – Michael Bay just remembered Megan Fox already got the role in TMNT but Transformers 4 was still open.

  6. Finally! People are giving plastic blow-up dolls a real job!

  7. Cock Dr

    It’s a naked dress and she got the build for it.

  8. That is a full time job.

  9. Pain & Gain describes what I want to do to her perfectly.

  10. Jman

    Women in full chain mail: “Bad Ass”.

  11. cc

    *Phew* I feel better having those Ava Sambora thoughts shunted aside by some legal.

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