1. Is that like the safety cord for when you fall off a treadmill?

  2. Anyone remember the Tales From the Crypt episode she did with Andrew McCarthy were she was a sex obsessed love slave? it was awesome

  3. turkeys done!!!!

  4. I’m over the orange look. It’s too Simpsons.

  5. Brit

    52 years old. Not bad at all.

  6. Still got a nice body.

  7. i dont really like her face…manly. but aging very nice!

  8. if Maria Shriver could add 10 points of hotness, this would be the result.

  9. Personal Best… Google it.

  10. Gonna close my eyes and remember Star20.

  11. Ahh the Hemingway sisters, all looked just alike. I never remember which is dead. Creepy.

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