1. It’s so nice when these 2 get together on their annual “Show emotion” day and smile…

  2. I’m thinking this would be an awesome lesbian scene. Why is everything porn with me?

  3. “You mean I don’t *have* to stay forever with the guy I married for fame? OMG!”

  4. Snapshot from the US Pro Bearding Convention, 2014

  5. “You’re free!”

  6. Left – Definitely would. Right – no effin way

  7. “Oh yeah, that’s right…he DID say you were a great fuck!”

  8. You like me! You really like me!

  9. Thanks Fish, for reminding me who _should_ have been Wonder Woman. Jerk.

  10. I’ll take the both of them.

  11. “Hey, wow, you’re still hotter than me.”
    “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”

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