1. That guy makes OJ look innocent.

  2. “Oh, Oscar, I just want you to know I believe in your inno–”

    “AUGH, INTRUDER!!!!” *BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG — clickclickclick — reload — BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG B–”

  3. “Please, don’t shoot me!!!!! I have flowers!!”

  4. He took the nickname “Blade Runner” too seriously. Harrison Ford he is not.

  5. …that by sheer will, you were able to overcome your handicap, and chase your girlfriend into a bathroom and shoot her repeatedly, against all odds…it’s just so…so…inspiring…”

  6. creemygoodness

    “Help! He’s going to shoot Jennifer Love Hewitt!”
    “You know what, let’s not get mixed up in this.”

  7. “I can’t believe I’m meeting you! You blow me away!”
    “It’s a date.”

  8. coljack

    “Thanks for the flowers. Wanna bang in the bathroom?”

  9. coljack

    Despite all the waterworks, he is so, so, so guilty. Even if he thought it was an intruder, who fires four times through a closed door without verifying who’s there? At best, it’s reckless. At worst, he did murder her in a rage. I believe he’s sorry, but his contrition is weaker than his desire to avoid dying in prison.

  10. I just don’t get the female attraction to stone cold killers, but at least Richard Ramirez had both legs.

    • Fame.

      And being ‘the one he loves’. It sounds daft, but it’s really just the extreme of the ‘bad boy’ syndrome. I can change him. I am ‘special’. A lot of women love the idea of being ‘the exception’.

      As for Ramirez … say what you want, but I felt nothing but pity for him. If as a child my violent, psychotic cousin whom I looked up to had shown me photos of women from the Vietnam war, then shown me photos of those same women slaughtered, and proceeded to regale me with stories of how he raped and murdered them, and *then* went on to blow his wife’s head off might in front of me when I was eleven years old, I’m pretty sure I’d have ended up a violent, jumbled mess of sex, violence, and psychosis too.

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    Hey Oscar, let me introduce you to January Jones.

  12. j/k

    Does he wear “dress blades” to court?

  13. Swearin

    Oh good, flowers – always a great way to disguise your guns, if mafia movies have taught me anything

  14. “Hello? Who goes there? You best identify yourself before I kick your…oh, wait…before I shoot!”

  15. “Who are you?!? Are you trying to steal these flowers that you just gave me?!? BANG BANG I didn’t know it was just you.”

  16. Chaz

    Guilty as sin…He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  17. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to do what Oscar did. I’v always wanted to run on blades.

  18. In every picture there’s always a woman that picks the most inopportune time to sing the American National Anthem.

  19. They’re gonna love him in prison.

  20. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    They’re going to hate him in prison. When he drops his soap, there’ll be no bending over.

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