1. Is it me, or does John Oates look like a midget?

  2. AndySlash

    they’re in the hall of fame? i can’t go for that, no can do.

  3. capn obvious

    Oates has aged well. Seriously. Good for him. He was not a handsome man when they were on top.

  4. unless you were around in the 80′s, you have no idea what a hit making juggernaut this duo was. I always imagined their conversations back then going something like this:

    Darryl: Hey John, I’m thinking of writing a song called “Kiss is on my List”! Waddaya think?

    John: Awesome, man! You can do no wrong! You could write a song called “Maneater” and it would be a hit!

  5. They both have Dinklage hands.

  6. I hear the pawn shop down the street has a great deal on two Hall of Fame trophies right now.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    The Dude and Babba Booey started a band?

  8. kravdan

    They just announced their new album…Hair-plugs and Botox

  9. Oates was Gilbert Gottfried all along? I didn’t see that plot twist coming.

  10. They look like SNL parodies of themselves.

  11. Hall’s mother’s name must be Dooneese.

  12. Some promoter needs to set these guys up for a cage match with Brooks & Dunn.

  13. When did Oats turn into Prince?

  14. They made some good music.

  15. I saw the hair and the name Daryl and just assumed Daryl Hannah, I was close.

  16. Jenn

    Why the hell can’t he pluck his eyebrows? He looks like Dinklage’s mom had sex with a Satyr. Bleurghhhh!

  17. I’ve come to appreciate these guys about 30 years after the fact thanks to The Bird And The Bee’s homage album as the gateway drug.

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