1. I’ve never wanted to bang a human chipmunk. I guess I can cross-off “have the weirdest boner” off my bucket list…

  2. Jack Ketch


  3. So edgy. You’ve don’t it yet again, Ms. Cyrus!!!
    Just kidding.
    NSFF (see Cher for definition).

  4. DAD!!! Get outta muh pitchur.

  5. I didn’t realize squirrel porn was a thing…

  6. That young man should hire an attorney. There’s a class action lawsuit for young men you developed breasts after taking Risperdal.

  7. Now Serving #43! #43, please come forward.

  8. Come on sweety daddy needs a pic for the family scrap book.

  9. Hella ratchet but I’d hate fuck this redneck trash

  10. Hey, if you’re gonna post nude selfies at least get a decent camera, fer cryin’ out loud!

  11. Why didn’t she post the picture where the guy’s penis is actually in her mouth?

  12. Instagram: making barely legal titties grainy and blurry since 2009

  13. I want to throw her on that bed and get in dat ass.

  14. anonymous

    Billy Ray should at least pick up his used condom off the floor.

  15. bri

    When I first saw this, I thought, “omg her dad can see this!” …then I remembered that people in Hollywood think in terms of $$$$$

  16. Nicholi1120

    I’m wondering 2 things actually. First, why hasn’t she just done porn and gotten it over with finally(everyone knows that’s where she’s going, after all)? Second, why is she even bothering to cover her nipples? She lets everyone see them when she’s on stage, why not in the picture?

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