1. Jill_Ess


  2. Honkey

    “Commencing fart in.. 3… 2… 1…!!!!”

  3. Bucky Barnes

    Sam: “If they’re not in the car maybe I left my keys in here…”

  4. “wow ,so soft! i must know where you get your fabric softener”

  5. heahie

    That’s too funny! What’s he doing? Poppin a butt zit?

  6. MILF

    “C’mon, I knows you got a big booty hidin’ in there….Kim said all you girls do, but some jus’ tuck it in better.”

  7. “baby these shorts are too long, let me roll them up for you”

  8. All these crazy bastards in the world and not a ONE of them can car bomb these idiots?

  9. lauryn

    hes rolling barbie’s shorts UP. not far enough up the ass already. right.

  10. “I know she a brown eye somewhere around here…”

  11. yoyored


  12. Daemon8666

    Dear Superficial Photo Guy,
    Thank you for taking my comment from a couple days ago to heart. After Kendra’s drinking problem, Brett Favre’s twin sister, and that furry animal that lives on Robin William’s chin, I cannot thank you enough for putting these at the end as a reward for our hard work.


    PS – But tits or GTFO

  13. Jon Hex

    “Now I remember where I stashed that Oxy!”

  14. timmy the dying boy

    Class act, all the way.

  15. Zombie Kitty

    He must be gay, not even a twitch in his pants!

  16. Some assembly required.

  17. reformed_druid

    5 pictures later and she still hasn’t figured out how to get in the car.

  18. Sorry baby, thought I saw another crawler.

  19. Pete

    The fact that they’re doing this for an offscreen audience of bottom-feeding photographers makes it ironic somehow.

  20. JJ

    Quick, grab my shorts and pull up the edge, just in case the paps haven’t taken enough pictures of me bending over sticking out my ass yet.

  21. JOJO

    ‘Nope, not paint.”

  22. budbaby

    “Baby all those flashes can give you mad tan lines.”

  23. Jestersdead

    Where you wallet at bitch.

  24. If he’s trying to cover her arse, he’s about four hundred photos too late.

  25. Ticonderoga

    “Does Daddy have to demonstrate how to wipe properly again honey?”

  26. The rumors are true. It does smell like strawberries.

  27. Tiff

    Take the last three letters of her first name. Reverse them. Now you understand.

  28. barry

    is that heidi montag?

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