1. He

    “mind the stepchildren” You know?

  2. Ganja Din

    My prayers have been answered… it’s The Angelina Jolie Inflatable Sex-Skeleton.

  3. downdowndown

    open mouth insert….leg

  4. EricLr

    Do you realize what sacrifices I’ve made? I’ve seen countries so poor that they best they could do was a 3-Star hotel! A THREE STAR HOTEL! Can you *believe* that?!?!?

  5. zita

    “I think it’s unfair he’s getting so much recognition. I was abducting children before it was cool”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Women in the World Summit 2012. If the internet has taught me anything it’s that when women get together they like to take their clothes off and pour milk over each other. Not trying to be funny but I don’t see where they’re going with it.

  7. “If you insert your scrotum into my mouth my forehead will imitate it.”

  8. “Oh darn, I think you just missed Kim Kardashian!”

  9. Frank Burns

    “You put your right leg in,
    You put your right leg out,
    You go to the Oscars
    And you do a phony pout”

  10. I wonder if she even notices Death sticking his bony hand in to cop a feel.

  11. “I was talking children from Africa before it was cool”" STOP JOLY

  12. Just_As_it_IS

    “Now check this out, this is what you do-OOO if you want to outdo the bich whose husband you’re stealing”

  13. Buddy the Elf

    Another hapless victim loses its’ soul.

  14. George P Burdell

    I want to marry him so I can stop sucking his dick.

  15. “Brad wanted me to get them augmented out to here. Can you imagine my boney body with funbags that big?”

  16. Not appealing.
    Hasn’t been for a long, long time; specifically since right after Mojave Moon.
    She has the same smug, unsympathetic, “can-you-beliEVE-how-big-a-DEAL-I-am” expression as Sasha Grey, and about the same set of “talents”.

  17. Clown Shoes

    “Ok guys, so Angelina is going to want you guys to take a few shots of her making it look like she has something interesting to say and is passionate about whatever this summit-thing this is for. So be ready and 3..2..1..”

  18. commander bloop

    “You wouldn’t BELIEVE the hernias these savages walk around with…they’re THIS BIG..”

  19. carol rules

    she has the crazy eye

  20. lawn

    Oh, look, she’s being important again.

  21. The Brown Streak

    “Can you believe they have summits in New York City? I didn’t even know it had mountains!”

  22. Satin

    “You will give me your soul”

  23. “So, do you think this would be a big enough target for the money-shot?”

  24. Overheard

    “So I said to her, ‘Excuse me? Oh no young lady, you get no boiled egg for breakfast. It’s half a carrot stick and mommy’s love to wash it down. You don’t want to get fat like the girls on TV do you?’ I love my kids but I don’t want fat kids, know what I mean?”

  25. The Most Interesting

    Exhibit 109B in what happens when a black microphone gets shoved in a woman’s face.

  26. cc

    She became a laughing stock after the academy awards. Pics like this are gravy.

  27. Psycobiff

    Oh Really? Ukraine has children on sale “two for one”?

  28. Mel

    Not pictured: Kim Kardashian about to fight her for that black microphone

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