1. Joey Ramone if he was a girl that grew up in LA and had a bottle of Absolute for a mom.

  2. He

    Stems.. in the bushes I mean

  3. “Hey Pete! Pete Wentz!”

  4. In every picture of a tree near a bush there is always Luke Walton holding multiple cups of coffee and saying it all with his 4 inch S&M heels.

  5. Ganja Din

    Somebody get that fatty a gastric bypass STAT!

  6. Colin

    Michael Cera is in the stupidest movies.

  7. EricLr

    Wonder if she went with the low-cal latte.

  8. Thom

    Justin Long looks like shit!

  9. Why is Prince Valiant wearing a bra?

  10. The Brown Streak

    10 time Star Search winner, Geechy Guy!

  11. She is to women what Bieber is to men…

    • Really?

      Because she has almost a billion dollars and is wanted by the other sex…. what a terrible comparison.

      • Guamanian


      • El Jefe

        Who the fuck has almost a billion dollars? She has about $5 dollars to her name and Bieber certainly does not even have a tenth of a billion dollars. You must be one of his retarded 15 year old fans.

  12. Johnny P!

    I’m surprised she can actually carry that week’s worth of groceries.

  13. BPS

    Why so many pics of Zachary Quinto?

  14. El Jefe

    At least clean the cum off the pants after the director blows all over you during your audition.

  15. Frank Burns

    I’ve heard of skinny jeans, but I didn’t know they also came in emaciated.

  16. Barista: Can I get your name please?
    Ali: Ali
    Barista: Alan?
    Ali: No, Ali.
    Barista: Alan?
    Ali: No, Ali!
    Barista: *pours steamed soy milk into eyes*

  17. alex

    I think she looks fucking great. The face doesn’t look like her at all but then that’s an improvement over the “angry face” she’s always wearing. You know the one I mean with the furrowed brow.

    Actually, looking a little closer, her face looks like Davy Jones in his prime. Check that out. Davy Jones.

  18. Zoya

    WHAT . . . THE HELL . . . IS THAT?!?!?!????????????

    Initially thought *it* was a dude walking on stilts. *It* still looks better than her sister.

  19. Cock Dr

    No one can save her; she is a Lohan and she is lost.

  20. Little Tongue

    I wonder where he hid his scrotum. It’s not showing AT ALL!

  21. Buddy the Elf

    Lou Reed, always the trend setter.

  22. Jobe

    Yes Ali those jeans make your ass look fat.

  23. George P Burdell

    She’s a man baby!

  24. Lita

    Somebody should let Fish know they misidentified Sacha Baron Cohen as a Lohan.

  25. You know Angelenos are fucked up when even this mantis can get someone to cum on her leg.

  26. gigi

    damn! McLovin’s doing drag now?

  27. Clown Shoes

    Cheer up and take solace in the fact that pretty much no matter what you do, you cant really fuck up as bad as your sister has.

  28. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    Apparently Davy Jones *isn’t* dead…

  29. Bigalkie

    Eddie Murphy loves this ” girl”.

  30. HailSatan

    The young Davy Jones (R.I.P.)

  31. Primpess

    Ali Lohan or Ali G?

  32. cascade25

    Ali Lohan must be the girl walking away from the skinny drag queen with the prince valiant hair cut?

  33. Prichard

    Russell Brand needs to stop the whole bran enemas.

  34. Coyote

    Rumer Willis has a new Best Friend

  35. neo_v

    no way that’s a girl

  36. wowzers

    Poor kid.

  37. Peewee

    That’s one ugly skinny dude…..

  38. Double-J

    You’re my Wonderrrr waaaallllll

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