1. you can literally see the devil on his shoulder whispering, “Scream: “The ‘F’ stands for ‘Fuck You’. Then shove it up her ass.”

  2. That hairpiece is quite something, isn’t it?

  3. That looks less like a frontline defender award and more like a G-stop tickler. Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time on the Internet?

  4. That’s the worst wig that’s not a wig since Trump.

  5. The only time Sean Penn has ever given an F about anyone else.

  6. Hopalong

    Hey Spicoli nice hair!

  7. Good lord, that hair piece.

  8. All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine

  9. “I’m Sean Travolta, and this years winner of the F-word award goes to Adele Dazeem…Idina Menzel…Noorzia Faridi.”

  10. meeps!

    I prefer Andy Warhol as a blonde…

  11. Vlad

    The Trouble With Tribble Toupees

  12. Today’s show was brought to you by the letter “f.”

  13. I can’t believe Sean Penn has resorted to Viagra ads.

  14. cc

    Remember The Simpsons episode about the hair piece possessed by an evil spirit?

  15. “Back Scratcher? mmmmmBack Scratcher!”

  16. Billy Ray Cyrus must be wearing a hat today.

  17. Jaded

    Why does Spicoli have Bob Hoskins ass hair glued to his head?

  18. Schadenfreude

    Here we have Sean Penn receiving an honorary Fuckhead award for lifetime achievement.

  19. “Wait right here Mr. Penn there is a letter ‘U’ that goes with this.

  20. Janeane Garofalo looks like shit

  21. ???

    Am I the only one seeing the guy getting off in the background? Hell of a photo bomb…

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