1. “Hey cutie! Enjoyin’ the game?”

    “It’s me, dad.”

  2. Seriously, if you are a grown man and you are wearing a fucking sports jersey and you are not actually playing that sport, you are a fucking loser.

  3. JungleRed

    “Got any girlfriends you wanna bring over to the house?”

  4. Juch

    “Aww, come on kid, quit screwin’ with me – who was your mom again?”

  5. Joe Blow

    Raymond: “Aw geez… not the “Celebrities Attend Lakers Games Because I Made it Fashionable.” speech again.”

  6. “Never rub another man’s rhubarb, Ray.”

  7. Senor Trout

    ‘There’s no way – NO WAY – that you came from MY loins. As soon as I get home, first thing I’m gonna do is punch your mamma in the mouth.’

  8. “You’re a goddamn embarrassment!”

  9. fred

    “When I was your age I was backing actresses three at a time, yet you sit here in my seats, watching my team, in that gay little jersey and a smug look on your face. You disgust me.”

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