1. Little Tongue

    Either she’s 3 feet tall or he’s 9 feet tall.

  2. everyone should have their own little fuckpig

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I haven’t seen her since “Leprechaun 5: In the Hood” was on cable a few years back.

  4. Holy shit, she is real? The #1 person that gives out sex advice is a fucking hobbit?

  5. That is a party I want to attend.

  6. Dr. Ruth Dinklageheimer.

  7. Frank Burns

    I don’t know who looks worse here, Hayden without her makeup, or Wladimir with that beard.

  8. “Have you seen my precious ring?” says Bilbo Baggins

  9. broduhjenner

    woah. jonathan lipnicki is not aging well.

  10. “I’m sorry, I don’t speak German.”
    “I know a little German, she’s standing right over here.”


  12. renotastic

    Jesus! No wonder she claims size doesn’t matter! Everyone is HUGE to her!

    • Helena Handbasket

      I hope you know that Jesus will review all of your internet posts before he lets you enter the pearly gates.

  13. This means I get a pot of gold, right?!

  14. cc

    She jumped out of a thimble and half scared him to death.

  15. “Willow! You i-i-i-diot!”

  16. Love him. Love her too, but for wholly different reasons.

  17. Cock Dr

    It’s stuff like this that makes me persevere through TCWM…no matter how how dismal plowing through 39 photos of D list celebrities may be the 40th pic may make me laugh until collapse.

  18. “He vantz me to zuck his peniz…”

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