1. joe

    First 138 commercial that didn’t make me thirsty.

  2. and 138 Water’s stock takes an enormous dive. What’s next? Sandra Bernhard or Anjelica Huston in a bikini drinking that crap?

  3. She’s an abominable human being, and a liar, but here’s why I believe her story about Joanna Krupa’s chicken box being stinky:

    I had a Polish housekeeper. She was insanely hot. Tall, slender, amazing build. She consistently wore short shorts, t shirt, thong visible every time she’d bend over, which was often. I’d pretend to work on my computer while watching her. This is getting creepy. I’m a guy, sue me. Anyway, she smelled like a brie cheese wheel that had been left in the trunk of a volvo during three hot summer months.

  4. Ralph

    Fake Lips too.

  5. Frank Burns

    Brandi, please, walk towards the sign that says “alteration”.

  6. She doesn’t look bad here, but she’s an awful, awful person.

  7. broduhjenner

    I cant tell if this is a commercial for 138 water or a PSA for plastic surgery.

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