1. horse whisperer

    aww, why the long face?

  2. Not even Zaloog would.

  3. “Hello, and welcome to my SJP shoe collection presentation! The first shoe I’d like to show you is a…excuse me, gentlemen? Can you please stop throwing the shoes at that stake in the ground?”

  4. Ralph

    That’s a scary face, a real scary face. Image how it looks WITHOUT makeup…Whoa.

  5. Did anyone trim her hoofs? Because I can’t find any horseshoes in her size. Someone call the Roy Rogers museum see if they have any of trigger the horse- horse shoes.

  6. I did not know you could buy equestrian clothing and equipment and Nordstroms, good to know.

  7. …and musical guest, “Hay and Oats”. *Sarah brays loudly*

  8. Alien vs. Predator IV – The Horse Wrath

  9. I like the gold fiador with the openwork caparison.

  10. *pulls string* Kim goes “Mooooo”
    *pulls string* Sarah goes “Neigh”

  11. Nordstrom is a great name for a race horse !

  12. Beautiful poll and crest!

  13. celebutard

    Good lord, who put this woman’s hair in a ponytail?!

  14. Would I tap that?


  15. Pilin

    Sweet, a Coneheads remake……

  16. CK

    “in Salon HORSE-Shoes…”

  17. ” Nordstrom at The Grove”…I assume they race horses there?

  18. cc

    Dang, a pony tail and we’d have the best damned example of irony I’ve seen in years.

  19. crb

    Fancy new collection of shoes at Nordstrom, available in cast-iron, steel, brushed-stainless, billet-aluminum, and for the truly fancy filly: shiny black pvd-titanium!

  20. Helena Handbasket

    She won’t be speaking at tonight’s presentation – she’s a little hoarse.

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