1. dontkillthemessenger

    This looks like a scene edited out of Dallas Buyers Club.

  2. West Hollywood? You don’t say?

  3. Yeah, he is totally straight. I mean literally every single part of this outfit, every single one.

  4. AlfredoGarcia

    So, you’re telling me they DO need a gay Justin Timberlake for the role?

  5. brick

    My daughter doesn’t understand why I make fun of this dude whenever I see him on TV or in a Mag or something. No it’s not because he’s gay because I didn’t even know he was…. until now.

  6. on the stroll. did he used to pretend to be straight? cuz he ain’t now.

  7. broduhjenner

    “Hello? Yes, Can you patch me into ‘Queen and Adam Lambert?’ ”

    “Mhhhm. Mhhhm. Yes, of course I am wearing cowboy boots. Thank You.”

  8. fred

    Ed Westwick, dressed from the Indiana Jones Dolly Parton collection on sale now at Target.

  9. $10 says those white powder stains on his pants are coke.

  10. cc

    The Kriegsmarine is rolling over in its watery grave.

  11. sam


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