1. ♬ Ohhhh You’re halfway there
    Ohh Oh to lookin’ like Cher ♬

  2. joe

    He’s got his dick in a box.

  3. Almost looks like a character in American Hustle.

  4. Billy Ray Cyrus,,is that you?

  5. After years of begging, Gene Simmons finally let me borrow his toupée

  6. Sambora’s wigs don’t come off! Even underwater!

  7. He looks like he’s wearing the skin of Billy Ray Cyrus.

  8. The Pope

    Who ya gonna call?

  9. Pink's unsightly, floppy dick

    playing Billy Ray Cyrus on the porn set of “DaughterHooHa Busters Volume 71.”

  10. Slappy Magoo

    A look so WTF it almost made me forget to say “Ray Parker Jr. got a star on the Walk of Fame? WTF?”

  11. Bustin makes him feel good.

  12. Where’s his good friend, Mr. Green Jeans?

  13. He’s just there to hand out his resume.

  14. cc

    A wig! Made from old SOS pads!

  15. He looks like a car salesman from some shitty Chevy dealership in some shitty midwestern town.

  16. Somebody needs a V.O.5 treatment, STAT.

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