1. Ze German

    One sexy sista!

  2. Mike

    Pink pants! Wait I’m gonna spooge……………………. XD

  3. Coyote

    It NOT for the Tramp Stamp she would be Do Able


      why are lonely guys like you always being so picky and how robotic everyone has become. In every site there is always some idiot complaining about women’s tattoos? doesn’t anyone have a brain anymore or does everyone think the same.

      • Colostomy Bag

        Those with a brain have a problem with beautiful female skin being covered in shit that adds NOTHING to their attractiveness.

      • Haddo01

        So, in your opinion are tattooed men just as disgusting?
        If no, good news, YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST.

  4. El Jefe

    One of the most perfect women ruined by horrible ghetto tattoos.


      I don’t get it, why is every guy here using tattoos as an excuse not to want to sleep with a hot girl? just admit you’re gay its okay. But don’t blame it on tattoos an stop trying to brainwash women just because you yourself were brainwashed into believing tattoos were bad. I bet you didn’t think so before but now hung around enough guys who think so and you think that too.
      f you’re going to have an opinion, at least give something of substance, not something I heard a hundred times before by online guys.

      • El Jefe

        So I assume that you are some tattooed skank, right?
        Those shit tattoos you put all over your body are going to look real awesome when you are 40 and going to pick your grandkids up from school or working the counter at Taco Bell.

      • Blech

        But, El Jefe! These gals are being all bravely rebellious and junk.

      • Just because Helloworld doesn’t have a problem with tattooed women, she being one herself perhaps, doesn’t mean she is a skank. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women with ink and they looked hotter than hell.

        Perhaps you don’t like tattoos on females. Then don’t fucking marry them. But for a roll in the hay??? Christina Milian is a doll. And I’ll bet Helloworld is too!

      • Mike Walker

        Calm down grandpa.

  5. Grand Poobah

    who is this chick, tatts were a bad plan, she should just keep going now and do her face and hands too. Too far gone to come back

  6. tlmck

    “Bitch! I said get back on your corner!”

  7. To be honest, I didnt realize the tat. but i agree, tattoos are pretty lame now. I remember when tattoos were earned by tough thugs or drug infused rock stars. Now any common douche wad or slutty insecure bleeth can get a tat and pretend to be hard asses. Tattoos now and days, is make up that covers up ones inner pussiness.
    Besides all that b.s, that christina has a sweet ass. one has to overlook the tramp stamp.

  8. Haddo01

    All these people hating on tattoos are stuck in the past and probably from Laramie or Alaska. Aside from that, why does everyone get so worked up about women “ruining” their bodies with ink, and not about women “ruining” their bodies with obvious plastic surgery, or extreme dieting? Is a tattoo worse than Rhianna spreading her legs on stage in hot-pants? No one complains about that, OR her tattoos for that matter.

  9. I can overlook the tatoos. She is a GORGEOUS woman! I’d fuck her anyday and everyday.

  10. King Diamond


  11. YoMamma

    The Tramp Stamp… might as well be a bullseye.

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