1. Richard McBeef

    I would have bought crack off that guy in 1985.

  2. “Billy Jean’s not my lover…she’s a girl…”

  3. Damn, dude can make “70′s white dude” look pimp.

  4. White People

    Well I googled him, turns out he’s some black guy.

    • flatspottin'

      Jeez he’s only been a main role in The Wire and Boardwalk Empire…. two of the highest rated most popular shows to date… how small-time he must be.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Ok, now can I notice he’s coloured?

  6. I thought Wesley Snipes went to prison

  7. Who’s Omar gonna fuck up this time?

  8. Are his shoes on the wrong feet?

  9. wabisabi

    Oh, indeed.

  10. neo_v

    should I know who this is?

    • of course not, unlike reality tv stars he actually has talent, can you believe that, a celebrity that can actually entertain, we need less guys like this on TV and more Situations and Kardashians

  11. chalkies a true G

  12. He has largely earned the right to wear whatever the flying fuck he wishes as long as I’m concerned. Not to mention he looks epic pimp, unlike my pasty ass would in the same attire.

  13. bethy

    You don’t always die from tobacco.

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