1. Can never say anything bad about this guy.

  2. MRF

    Qui-Gon smells like gin.

  3. inter

    All those hair plugs but not once does he fix his nose.

  4. I guess no one told him that alcohol is forbidden in Islam.

  5. Are we sure it’s not called “Hangover of the Titans”?

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Can’t wait for ‘Battleship 2 : Snakes and Ladders’

  7. Now’s not the time for dick measuring, Stuart!

  8. Johnny P!

    “If I’m going to phone-in my performances, why bother shaving? Or changing clothes for that matter?”

  9. joe

    Grooming: not a very particular skill.

  10. EricLr


  11. Frank The Duck

    Apparently he is ready for Ramadan oin July by not doing anything during the day that would constitute being a member of society

  12. oldfool

    Looks like he went on a bender–with Nick Nolte.

  13. His family told him he had to stop drinking. He was drunk and thought they said stop showering and shaving. Understandable mistake.

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