1. Hey! They finally cast the lead in “The Richard Ramirez Story”!!

  2. Shinning

    If anyone even whispers the words 21 Jump Street they come out to reclaim what was once theirs.

  3. I thought Greg Giraldo died?

  4. Vegas magician, circa 1998

  5. This dude is still alive?

  6. is there a warrant out for this guys arrest?, he looks ready to make a break for it.

  7. El Jefe

    Get the distinct impression that before and after this show he was out in the back giving blow jobs for cash.

  8. earlpants

    He should have lost the weight BEFORE he lost the fame

  9. Wow…loss of looks can REALLY kill

  10. Pay attention to me!!

    In related news… looks better than Sandler.

  11. His top lip looks like the cow-catcher on the noon-run Southern Pacific.

    Dude, grow a fucking mustache or something.

  12. fattymcgee

    Look, I ain’t gonna lie. I think he looks good. But honestly, I had no idea Chris Kattan was not only out and about again, but bringing back his character Mr Peepers.

  13. K-tron

    It looks like the Grinch has been listening to a lot of The Cure lately.

  14. yen

    Father Time can be cruel.

  15. …and then Belzebub forced Adam Sandler and Kriss Angel to fornicate and somehow beget a child…

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