1. Ye gods!


  2. Thought balloons from both heads: “If I stand next to this ugly chump, I’ll look awesome!”

  3. That guy’s blood must be baby blue from the amount of Viagra he ingests daily to achieve an erection upon looking at that, that thing.

  4. Ralph

    In her defense, she IS a very talented person. Also, she doesn’t pretend to be anything that she isn’t. It’s refreshing.

  5. Walter Peck

    I’m not a tatoo expert but I’m pretty sure that is an early 1500s map of the New World.

  6. God, she is off-putting. Just a lumpy mess.

  7. You folks are too judgemental. She looks perfectly fine for a 42 year old mother of fou…wuh???

  8. “That’s right my lady does look like a wharf rat, that looks like it was humped by a chimp! ‘ So back Off!!!

  9. I’m sick and tired of this image conscious BS, Hollywood.

  10. Cock Dr

    Makes me have mad respect for the camera pros & PhotoShoppers over there at Vogue.

  11. Rather Dashing

    Wait… you mean Lena Dunham is a person!? Holy crap! I thought she was one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets!

  12. MarketingMike

    I figured out the tattoo. It’s either the Devil, or a Tasmanian
    Devil holding a screwdriver! Am I right?

  13. thecrazybetty


  14. It must be bring your cross dressing soon to the movies day.

  15. So a rhombus and a trapezoid get together, fuck the children probably would end up being a mobius loop.

  16. Pat

    They’re a not traditionally attractive couple who LOOK GREAT! DEAL WITH IT!

    (ok, now the test is to say that without bursting out laughing…)

  17. HBO needs to pay her extra TO KEEP HER CLOTHES ON in her show

  18. frankie

    Good looking or not, talented or not, I bet you couldn’t find a person who dresses worse.

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