1. tito

    There is no January only Zool!

  2. If she’s here, who’s guarding the ice realm?

  3. Is she going for a Taylor Swift look? Bitchiness inspires bitchiness, I suppose.

  4. Little Tongue

    Here’s January, looking relieved in believing she finally got rid of the little turd. Little does she know that he’s actually roaming the city streets, looking for her, with hate in his eyes and revenge in his heart.

  5. “Right, cheers, thanks a lot. Now which way are we going, Eddy?”

  6. Cock Dr

    *getting a sweater*

  7. Didn’t know she was cast on “The Walking Dead”… seems like a good fit.

  8. crb

    Subtle+Interesting. Usually black ice is invisible.

    Snow Queen is really pulling out all the stops here.

  9. For when you can’t afford Jennifer Lawrence.

  10. The frost that surrounded her heart has grown and forced its way through her skin as it ran out of room inside of her.

  11. Fancy Face

    She looks so…life like.

  12. Not A Fan...

    Braless was a great look, in shape, back in her 20′s.
    At 35, she’s just another set of saggy tits with a gut.
    Still thin, but with the muscle tone of a sponge.
    Plus, she has the personality of Hitler.
    Um, I think I’ll pass…

  13. Excuse me, which way to the polar bitch exhibit?

  14. Spleen


  15. I wear women's shoes

    “Cut! Can we get an ice scraper in here, its spreading from her shoulders again!”

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