1. On set? As in, she found work? I don’t believe it.

  2. Something wicked this way comes.

  3. You’re not fooling anybody with that smile. Your smile is like seeing the teeth of a shark up close and personal.

  4. Becoming a Hollywood pariah sure make you go to do the fridge more often…

  5. crb

    Suiting up for that late afternoon date of tea & strumpets with January Jones, eh?

  6. Slappy Magoo

    Commenting on what an awful human being she is versus the fact that she replaced her legs with oak trunks.

    You know what that is? Progress.

  7. Mikey

    Take a nice bloated face, add a push up bra, a tummy bulge,
    and add the knees of a Lumberjack. Every mans wet dream…
    Plus she smokes 4 packs a day, and has a mother from Hell.

  8. Flatliner

    She’s looking kind of fat taylor swiftish

  9. Is she advertising 138 water too?

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