1. I’m really starting to get confused with these ad’s. I thought they were for bottled drinking water, or are they trying to sell bottled water for bathing now?

  2. “Gotta stop the burning! The burning! Ohhhh yeah. Whooo that’s better. Thanks 138 water!

  3. Unless 138 Water is an antiseptic of some sort, this is just for show.

  4. Cock Dr

    The subtle nuances of 3rd millennium product marketing campaigns befuddle me.

  5. That’s better. Sand gets everywhere.

  6. MarketingMike

    I get it, 138 is the number of STDs she carries.
    Definitely not the girl next door.

  7. She washes her ass with this water and we should buy it to drink? Or to wash our asses, too?

  8. Quick note to the 138 Water ad production team: A porn star using your product to sluice her behind does NOT make me want to guzzle down a bottle of 138 Water.

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