1. Ruckus

    “Got any weed?”

    • Gin&tonic

      He probably does, as well as the largest private collection of pornography on the planet (true fact, btw)

  2. MRF

    What’s so complicated? Don’t touch the dick.

  3. “So, any thoughts about this whole Russia thing? I’ve tried nothing, and I’m all out of ideas.”

  4. So we have a deal, right? 10 schools will send their kids for a field trip to the vatican each month and I can get divorced from that she-devil right?

  5. cajunhawk

    listen nigga if you don’t smoke this we have a problem…

  6. “They told me this thing would be business casual. WTF?”

  7. “You’re not looking so good, your Excellency. You need to register for Obama-care before Monday!”

  8. “Do they sell those funky ass hats at the Vatican gift shop?”

  9. meeps!

    A Priest a Rabbi and a Monk walk into a bar…

  10. “Putin keeps “putin-ing” into Ukraine…get it your holiness?”

  11. Bonky

    Holy Father, that outfit makes you look like a girl.

  12. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Just so we’re clear … I am going to lie my ass off about us discussing ACA and religious freedom … and everyone of these media whores belong to ME”

  13. Swearin

    “In America, we have this thing called separation of church and state”
    “Eh, what the hell is that?”

  14. thecrazybetty

    the anti-christ and the false prophet.

  15. If you didn’t waste material on the cape you’d have enough to finish the hood, NWIM?

  16. This is the police

    Your popiness, look, even though they look 18 in the dark, it is still pedophilia.

  17. Senor Trout

    ‘Nah, he never fucked her….cigars don’t count, amIright?’

  18. MrChips

    I said, “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.”

  19. “Your Holiness, where would I find the can?”

  20. fuckface

    “You think you so cool fuckin’ one kid at a time. I can fuck a whole nation in one shot!”

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