1. Cock Dr

    Those are some very lovely botanical wall installations she’s posing near. The bikini coordinates nicely.
    Does she get paid for these? Or merely punished if she doesn’t?

  2. Let’s not kid ourselves, they have a wide selection to choose from for the minotaur of this labyrinth…

  3. When does Perseus chop her head off?

  4. Frank Burns

    After every Brazil wax, Khloe’s pelt is painted with a green antifungal spray and hung in the Kardashian genital hair garden.

  5. Kim Kardashian

    I can fit into that bikini too.

  6. Wow. In that household whores *really do* grow on trees.

  7. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Do these ferns make my ass look fat?”

  8. Natty Ice

    The picture is probably really from a security camera. The poor girl was probably so confused by the mirrors that she is actually looking to scale the wall of vines to get out.

  9. Meshuggah Tits

    That’s the ‘Kashyyyk Garden’ Lamar built for Khloe to use when she got homesick.

  10. fred

    She’s blocked on two sides and, like a true Jenner/Kardashian, can’t figure out how to get out.

  11. Jesus Christ, this family just has mirrors every where.

  12. Kanye

    “I know you’re in there black cock….”

  13. After Kim scored a Vogue cover, Kylie tries for a Gardening Monthly cover.

  14. Mike

    Oh, how I wish this was Lucy Hale.

  15. slick

    are they all required to have a big a$$? she is pushing it out to look like her HALF-sisters,, I have no clue how their father is ok with them being grouped in as Kardashians…maybe its to make up for the fact that “allegedly” Khloe isn’t a true Kardashian…

  16. …what kills me more than anything else is that everything has gone according to kris’s plan …you only have yourselves to blame, viewing public.

  17. Dox

    Much like other species of flatworms, once we grind up Kim Kardashian and feed her to her sister, she should have no problem navigating the maze.

  18. it probably reminds her of her mothers womb…nearly naked and surrounded by fungus

  19. …so, she was in a bikini in the womb?

  20. Critical Cretin

    ooooh, I’m such an old perv!

  21. martina

    oh my … nice tits and ass
    … mmmmmmm

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