1. Hugh Jass

    I like her rug burned knees

  2. Double D

    Each boob is worth $30 million.

  3. Arzach

    If that kid where shorter we should have a better look

  4. Storm

    She looks like a swooping albatross about to pluck a fish out of the sea. With tits.

  5. DKNY

    “No that wasn’t a beaver you saw under there! You silly girl!”

  6. “Hi there, little girl. If you’re reincarnated as the daughter of the world’s ugliest billionaire you can grow up to be just like me!”

  7. DonDopey

    Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

  8. “Your dad will never be as rich as my dad….”

  9. Daemon8666

    The towers that Trump built. At least these two are paid for.

  10. bi chick

    Looks like she got them fixed. First round: http://www.thesuperficial.com/tag/ivanka-trump/page/2

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