1. Jill_Ess

    Looks more like she’s headed to the bathroom.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    The most disgusting woman in our country.
    Snooki doesnt count – she is an Ewok.

  3. Alicia Silverstone, THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!

  4. i bet her pussy just reeks, and not in the good way…

  5. CC

    Yea the dentist, she’s gotta keep that mouth in shape. God knows that cooch is wrecked!

  6. Arzach

    There you go! you’ll have to crap in the hot chicks post

  7. Eli

    This woman is horrible on so many levels. I just wanna rip that weave right off her head.

  8. dontlooknow

    Racing for those blue light specials at Kmart is more like it!

  9. SuperT

    It is interesting that she chose a shirt that replicates what her body looks like under it.

  10. When someone on craigslist offers to buy half-Asian kids, the race is on.

  11. Kayne East

    I didn’t know you could botox teeth.

  12. jen

    one of these things is not like the others….
    i’ll even let j-woww have a pass.

  13. vitobonespur

    Ever since she and Jon split up she has to go to the dentist to get her cavity filled.

  14. Neen

    awful outfit! none of that goes together.

  15. . . . always in a hurry to lay back, open her mouth and let a man do his thing. . .

  16. crap

    Betcha her meat curtains are bigger than pic#5′s

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