1. [sputtering]

    Not half as hot as she thinks she is.

  2. Double D

    Because of those boobs, Brett Farve became the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to record his own sack.

  3. dontlooknow

    Now who could possibly want a pair of tits at a bar called “Bull and Bear”?

  4. Senor Trout

    Here’s a free beauty tip, Toots – trying to look like Jennifer Love Hewitt is bad strategery.

  5. Blech

    “… hot body, weird face…” — Peter Griffin, Family Guy

  6. juaquin ingles

    Nice shit smear eyebrows.

  7. cc

    That little locket holds a pick of Brett.

  8. bi chick

    ripple in boob??

  9. H6E6X6

    This bitch just goes to show that women have no place in sports. I’m sorry that’s not fair, they do have a place in sports…cheerleaders.

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