1. B&WMinstrel

    Big sugary drink buy going down

  2. Can we get this gang to rumble (and I mean that in the most feminine way possible) with Chris Brown’s gang?

  3. Drone strikes on US citizens? In this case, I’m completely for it.

  4. contusion

    That wasn’t an earthquake…it was just Glenn Danzig just rolling over in his grave.

  5. I didn’t know Menudo was still around.

  6. Colin

    Don’t stand too high off the other ground or the boys will try to get a peek up your dress.

  7. Jaden hits puberty and that parking meter would never display the correct time again.

  8. Black chic sitting down on the left: “Does this MF’er have on leggings?”

  9. Here, Adam Levine, step up on this thing with me. You can see the tar pits full of your discarded models from here!

  10. Is this little annoying queer wearing a hooded mini dress?

  11. It was with that handshake, The Fellowship of Douche bags was formed.

  12. aw, he’s wearing his Daddy’s shirt and his sister’s pants..

  13. On kid is wearing a jacket that would have gotten him beaten at a Misfits show. One kid is wearing camouflage pants who would be crushed by any member of any military anywhere. One kid is wearing tights who would lose a fight with a ballerina. And one kid wearing Dale Earnhardt’s number and would be summarily executed at a NAACAR event. Love it.

  14. This little piece of shit will be doing serious time before he’s 20.

  15. Pine Table Fever

    Oh cripes, look out! It’s the Douche Hand Gang!

  16. bigalkie

    Hey Kid..Climb up on that pole. You’ll look like less of a gearbox.

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